The button of life

The medical emergency system is used by the elderly to notify medical response stuff in case of a health emergency. Upon being contacted people working in the medical emergency system center are able to send appropriate medical help as fast as possible. Based on the conversation with the calling elderly person and information stored about them in a database, it is possible to decide whether it's necessary to send an EMT, or if notifying a caregiver or a family doctor is going to be sufficient.

The medical emergency system users feel safer being able to count on fast help 24 hours a day. The emergency system installed at home usually consists of a communication terminal (connected to the phone line) and a wrist band with an emergency button for the supervised person. The stuff working at the medical emergency system center has access to a communication system integrated with an application providing information about the caller. A large scale use of a fast notification system like this, a so called "button of life", contributes to increased quality of life for the elderly as well as better utilization of the available medical and social services. These kind of solutions have been implemented in Wielkopolska , and are available in the whole area of Poznań  ( The system is coordinated by the Municipal Center For Family Help and during its first stage of implementation gives free access to 100 elderly people. It is an important part of the social help program allowing for easier access to professional help for the citizens.

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