Lorraine site-visit

During the site-visit in the Lorraine region the sub-project’s working team familiarized themselves with 3 good practices. The first initiative presented  was the program of computer trainings for the elderly realized by the Tousbranches.com association. The second item of the agenda featured a visit in the premises of Hunault – an organization engaged in provision of services to the elderly and disabled. The host presented telecare and geolocalization solutions. These solutions use individually selected devices such as personal mobile devices or home sensors and a call center, organized on the basis of 20 years experience. The last solution presented during the site-visit was miniphone. Miniphone is a system allowing to answer phone calls with a device built in the form of a wrist watch. This decreases the danger of falls in case of urgent need to answer a call: the user does not need to walk to the phone installed in a specific location of the house.