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Best practices: Smart dining

Menumat dining service is an innovative technological solution aimed to improve health conditions and well being of the elderly who live on their own and rarely leave their houses like in Finnish Forssa. It is one of the best practices identified by the Silhouette project. Find out more about Menumat in our video. 

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Best pratices: Teleassistance

Retemancosi and Telegea initiative is focused on innovative technological solutions aimed to improve social and health conditions of the elderly living in rural and sparsely populated areas like Spanish Asturias. It is one of the best practices identified by the Silhouette project. Find out more about Retemancosi and Telegea in our video. 

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Good practices workshop in Poznań

Representatives of institutions supporting the elderly and engaged in social policy implementation took part in the Good Practices Workshop organized on 27th March on the premises of PSNC. The workshop was composed of 3 thematic session. The first session was devoted to presenting the CREATOR mini-programme, the SILHOUETTE sub-project and Wielkopolska practices of using ICT for supporting seniors. "European practices of using ICT to support the elderly" was the theme of the second workshop session. 

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Demonstration of best practices at Active 50+ Fair

On 16-17th March 2013 the Silhouette sub-project presented its results during the Active 50+ fair in Poznań, Wielkopolska. Silhouette demonstrated examples of the best practices of using information and communication technologies to support the elderly. Presented practices included application of videoconferencing in teleassisting lonely seniors in Asturias...

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6th CREATOR Workshop

The Häme workshop focused on analyzing strategic activities and recent policy changes in CREATOR regions. The regional summaries served as a background to discussing future policy recommendations and instruments required to enable their practical implementation. The CREATOR mini-programme will use the outcomes of those discussions for elaborating final strategic recommendations for the European Union as a whole and individual regions.

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Stakeholders' opinion survey

One of the activities undertaken by the SILHOUETTE sub-project was gathering opinion of various stakeholders involved in the provision of care services to the elderly. The survey included experts from such relevant areas as local administration, care providers, business sector and research/academia. The survey allowed to evaluate current activities aimed at supporting the elderly and the level of ICT use in those activities. Analyzed were also needs, barriers, benefits and opportunities resulting from the ageing challenge and application of ICT to tackle it. 

Regional reports from the task are available here.

5th CREATOR Workshop

The 5th CREATOR workshop was devoted to sharing best practices between the sub-projects. Each sub-project nominated 3 best practices identified and connected to the topics of their project that have the potential to be transferred to other CREATOR regions. These good practices were presented and thoroughly discussed in relation to its strengths and weaknesses, market potential and related areas in order to improve products and services targeted at the elderly. 

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SILHOUETTE in Active 50+ Fair

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center enabled a Public Internet Access Point (PIAP) for seniors as part of the CREATOR mini-programm'e exhibition stand organized by Wielkopolska Marshal Office during the Active 50+ Fair. In Wielkopolska over 75% of municipalities provide such facilities for their citizens. In Poznań there are 35 PIAPs, organized, among other locations, in senior clubs or neighborhood lounges. PSNC prepared the software platform of Poznań PIAPs – it is based on open source software.

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Lorraine site-visit

During the site-visit in the Lorraine region the sub-project's working team familiarized themselves with 3 good practices. The first initiative presented  was the program of computer trainings for the elderly realized by the association. The second item of the agenda featured a visit in the premises of Hunault – an organization engaged in provision of services to the elderly and disabled. The host presented telecare and geolocalization solutions. 

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Västerbotten site-visit

The study visit in the Swedish region of Västerbotten included presentation of the system developed within the Agnes project coordinated by UmeåUniversity, an alarm based on GPS localization and the Check-up Bag solution. 

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Häme site-visit

The program of the site-visit included 3 major items with practical presentation of solutions used in the Kanta- Häme region. Two of the presented solutions refer to provision of interactive television for seniors. These solutions are Smartcare and Videra, launched as pilots in selected municipalities of the region. They allow to use a number of services delivered through the Internet enabled with an intuitive user interface presented on tv screen. 

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Aktywni 50+ Fairs

Wielkopolska participants of Creator sub-projects gathered on 8th December to discuss a joint presentation during the 3rd edition of the Aktywni 50+ Fairs. The Fairs create an opportunity for seniors to acknowledge themselves with offerings that are targeted directly at them and innovations answering their needs. It was agreed that all sub-project will contribute with presentations constituting the Wielkopolska participating to Creator. Silhouette will aim to present Wielkopolska good practices in supporting elderly’s activity with ICT.

Wielkopolska is Open to Seniors

On 15th November 2011, Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznań organized the "Wielkopolska Open to Seniors" conference as part of the 2nd Days of Solidarity Culture. The aim of the conference was to present a positive image of the elderly and to create friendly culture supporting activity of seniors. During the conference a talk entitled "European practices of supporting elderly's activity with information and communication technologies in relation to Wielkopolska" presenting outcomes of the Silhouette project was given by Adam Minkowski.

Asturias Creator workshop

On 26th and 27th October 2011 Oviedo in Asturias was host to 4th Creator workshop. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to the internal sub-project meetings. The Silhouette internal meeting started with the site-visit at Retemancosi in Cider Shire. Later partners analyzed the practices identified in Creator regions and initial results of the questionnaires performed in those regions. 

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Site visit at Retamancosi

Using the opportunity given by the Asturias Creator workshop held in Oviedo on 27th October, the Silhouette partnership visited the Commonwealth Cider Shire of Asturias.  Since 2009 this commonwealth is involved in a regional pilot initiative, which is a reference at national level.Retemancosi-Telegea is an initiative supported, among others, by the Regional Government of Asturias and the National Ministry of Industry of Spain.The project is focused on designing, deploying and testing innovative technological solutions and services aimed to improve social and health conditions of dependent elderly living at home.

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Economic, social, organizational and technical determinants of local development management

Results of the project works concerning identification of good practices of using ICT to support activity of the elderly were presented during the 9th Conference on Economic, social, organizational and technical determinants of local development management that was held in Wałcz, Poland on 29-30th September 2011.  The talk entitled „Supporting elderly's activity with information and communication technologies in Wielkopolska on the background of good practices implemented in Europe" was given by Adam Minkowski.

Regional Creator meeting

On 15th July 2011 the regional Creator coordinator, Ms. Anna Maciołek of Wielkopolska Marshal Office invited Polish participants of the Creator mini-programme to a first regional meeting of sub-projects. The meeting served as an opportunity for all partners to acknowledge each other with the goals of all sub-projects. Each invited institution presented, apart from sub-project concepts, also the particular objectives for the Wielkopolska region. The meeting also enabled first discussions on possible cooperation at the regional level to boost the gains Wielkopolska achieves through sub-projects' results. 

Creator project workshop in Brescia – 18-19 May 2011

On 18-19 May in Brescia (Italy) the third workshop of the Creator programme took place. For the first time the workshop was attended by subproject partners, among them the Silhouette project partners. The workshop was divided into two parts. During the first day subprojects and main project partners had separate meetings to discuss current issues. The second day was devoted to an open seminar with all workshop participants and invited guests.

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Project kick-off meeting in Poznań – 23-24 February 2011

On 23-24 February in Poznań, at the headquarters of the lead partner – Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center – the SILHOUETTE project was launched. This was the first occasion for most of the partners to meet. During one and a half days the objectives and schedule were discussed, and the distribution of tasks for the first six months was agreed upon.  The pace of the work proved to be faster than anticipated in the agenda, it finished one and a half hours earlier than planned.

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Silhouette is a sub-project of the CREATOR mini-programme, which has been made possible by the INTERREG IVC and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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