Site visit at Retamancosi

Using the opportunity given by the Asturias Creator workshop held in Oviedo on 27th October, the Silhouette partnership visited the Commonwealth Cider Shire of Asturias.  Since 2009 this commonwealth is involved in a regional pilot initiative, which is a reference at national level.Retemancosi-Telegea is an initiative supported, among others, by the Regional Government of Asturias and the National Ministry of Industry of Spain.The project is focused on designing, deploying and testing innovative technological solutions and services aimed to improve social and health conditions of dependent elderly living at home. It aims to utilize advanced telecommunication and ICT technologies to improve home-care services and to provide a system enabling coordination and management of several social services and care professionals from a single ‘Coordination and Monitoring Center’ (CMC). The system is based on an integrated health-monitoring and quality-of-live tracking system.

During the visit the Silhouette working group was presented the concept of the ‘teleassistance network’ built by local administration in the Cider Shire. Discussion with the Retamancosi managers and local administration leaders allowed to receive interesting information concerning the approach used to create the network. Later, the Silhouette representatives had an opportunity to see a care professional at work during a tele-session. Partners were invited to shortly talk to the user assisted during this session.